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"POLO" game, which is supposed to originate in Iran, is known to be played since the 1st century A.D. This sport, which had become popular in time, first spread to India and then in  all Asia.

POLO became popular in the UK and has also spread across Europe in a short time and started to be mentioned as a game of British nobility and lords. Galvanni as an idea was born in Italy in the early 70’s and came about as a POLO brand. As a result of market researches done it wasregistered in the UK which is one of most important spots in the development of Polo sport.

Galvanni is a significant brand in polo, marine and basic sports clothing style in the garment industry particularly in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and African countries.  With its strong team of designers Galvanni manufactured in an integrated boutique-style for those “who embrace a sportive style in their way of clothing. ”As a result of this, Galvanni has a place among the prestigious brands on a global scale . 

The vision of Galvanni, which manufactures in an integrated manner in line with the emerging trends in fashion, is to be the determinant of excellence in manufacturing quality.

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